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GameHunt is a platform for tracking down your next great play.


Driven by community recommendations, you get the real story. Free yourself from repetitive algorithms and endless scrolls through dozens of tabs. Hunt smarter, and get in the game.

Join the community early and get a head start on the future of gaming.
We are building exciting gaming technologies to free your games from the limitations of your device. Are you game?

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Game Creator

It's tough to invest in quality and succeed when big studios can spend 28:1 on Marketing vs Development. 
Let's talk about delivering your game to more passionate gamers at scale without burning resources you should use to craft an amazing experience.

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Game Hunter

There's a lot of content out there. How do you go through it all to figure out what the right play is for you? Connect with other gamers who 'get it'. Join us, and let's hunt!

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We're a deep tech company focused on enabling the emergence of the Metaverse. 

Let's talk about the future.

About us

We're a group of gamers building a deep-tech company with a focus on enabling the emergence of the Metaverse.
We're looking for people to join us on this journey and be part of the future of gaming.

If you are:
- an Investor (both Angels and Professional Funds welcome); 
- a technology / gaming industry pro looking for new opportunities; 
- running a game studio and want to craft amazing experiences with us; or,
- a gamer excited about what this means and want to learn more...
...feel free to reach out to us!

Here are some articles to help you better understand the state of play in which we're working:

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