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5 Similar Games To It Takes Two

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

And suddenly everyone was playing It Takes Two, an action-adventure game not focused on scores and per see winning but more on cooperating with each other and utilizing abilities in sync to make progress.

It Takes Two does not have a single-player, you have to play online or with friends. But this is not the first game making use of split-screen cooperative multiplayer mechanics to charm gamers into addiction. Obviously, the story is wholesome and contributes to its success but looking at the circumstances around Covid, the whole team aspect really elevates the gaming experience.

So, what should you continue to play next you ask? Hold your horses, as always, we have the perfect fit for your next adventure!

Discord the magic of this puzzle-platform game developed by the Swedish studio Coldwoon Interactive and deep dive into a world of wonder while playing with your favorite pal in local co-op.

A WAY OUT is probably one of the most famous action-adventure games designed for split-screen cooperative multiplayer that was released over the past years. Hazelight Studios really put a lot of work into creating a third-person experience that will make your heart rate rise. It is a lot more mature than It Takes Two, but since it is from the same studio you can expect unique gameplay blended with stealth sequences and lots of puzzles solving.

Another title that made streamers go nuts and find new friends to solve puzzles with was We We Here Together. While being the third title in the franchise, this one was the best-picked installment of the whole series. On March 10, 2021, the next chapter We Were Here Forever was announced to be released later in 2021.

This, seems like a weird one, right? But if you check the benchmark and other characteristics you will find similarities to what made you like It Takes Two.

While Dead by Daylight might not be as wholesome as our first 3 picks, it indeed is very thrilling and exciting. You and the other 3 survivors need to solve a bunch of tasks to escape the killer chasing you who also is a real player. Finest escape room feelings incoming! While Dead by Daylight gets first place for popularity in their genre, there is a good list of similar games to pick from like for example Friday the 13th, Hunt: Showdown, or Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor.

We're sure there is a pick or two in this article to get you hooked and can't wait for you to try them out. Have fun playing with your friends or community online!

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